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Grow your own herbs

Growing your own herbs to dress up your cooking has become the trendy thing to do: at an age when everyone is talking about organic and going back to basic. It was a pretty easy adventure, buy an assortment of ready to grow herbs such as parsley, mint and basil. They don't require too much attention - just plenty of water every second day, a couple of hours of daily sunshine and you can pick your own herbs straight away. If you want more exotic species, you may have to pick up some planting seeds from overseas. Give it a go, the herbs taste better fresh.

The recipe here is inspired by Vietnamese Chicken Cabbage salad, involves shredded chicken, purple cabbage, julienned carrots, cucumber and boiled egg whites. Amazing with the fresh mint I just picked from the balcony, served lightly with a soy-chilli-lime dressing.


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