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Gem vegetable wraps

Gem wraps are an easy and all-natural way to add more vegetables into your daily consumption. The best part is they are low-calories (15kcal per wrap), low-carb (3g), low in sugar (1g) and gluten-free. Too good to be true!?

Discovered by an American couple who realized that some people don't want to eat sushi with seaweed (my hubby!) - nutritious vegetables such as Carrots and Beetroot, fruit such as Mangoes and Apples, are dehydrated and rolled-out onto a sheet ready for wrapping with your favorite filling such as chicken and rocket leaves. Just like Uncle Toby's "Roll-Ups" in your lunchbox as a kid growing up in Oz, except way healthier and it doesn't stick to your teeth My new favorite way to eat a sandwich - without the bread, the yeast, the carbs and the gluten.


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