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Green juice

It certainly is a great thing to wake up to and detox first thing in the morning, especially after the silly season. Lately, I have severely cut down my dependence on coffee to 1-2 cups a week, replacing my caffeine kick with green tea with fresh mint. Green juice is also a good alternative.

Ingredients for 1 glass 1> Celery - 4 stalks 2> Cucumber - 1 full 3> Bitter melon - 1 full 4> Green pepper - half 5> Green apple - 1 full

Put all ingredients in a juicer, squeeze in fresh lime or lemon before drinking, stir it up and add a dash of chia seeds, a super food for added benefits.

If you want more of a kick, blend with a small piece of ginger. Now, note that the only sweetness comes from the green apple, so if you want it sweeter, add more apples. The more veg, the lower the calories. That's it, a pretty simple way to detox every morning. Fresh and organic is best, as always.


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