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Creamy choc avocado dessert

Who doesn't like creamy, chocolatey and crunchy desserts? Think chocolate cheesecake or mousse? So I have created a cheat recipe for that! Blend 1-2 pitted dates with natural vanilla beans, 2 mashed-up ripened avocados and sugar-free cacao powder (not cocoa), and roast a handful of crushed up almonds/walnuts/pecans or hazelnuts. Create a "cookie" base with the nuts and liquid (you can use almond milk or coconut water) and pack it down firmly with cacao avocado purée mixture on top. Finally sprinkle extra roasted nuts on top, or baked orange rind and either refrigerate overnight for mousse-like dessert or bake in the oven for a cheese-cake like dessert.

Warning: Consume in moderation as avocados are high in calories!

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